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Moving On Your Own Can Come With A lot Of Baggage

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Moving on your own can come with a lot of baggage - literally. Besides your personal

belongings, actually moving on your own also has a lot of physical demand plus the worry of

safely moving everything. Mindful Movers are professionals who can give your belongings the

proper protection and care that they deserve while being fully insured. Along with the proper

driving skills and adequate safety, you will never have to worry. Well-rounded safety within the

whole process starting from packing your items to loading them through the process of

transporting them to your new location down to unloading. Your personal belongings will always be in good hands. Besides just keeping your belongings safe we instill proper safety in your new location. While using the proper materials to protect (walls, stairs, corners, etc.) the chance of damage is highly reduced.

Physical Impact

Moving can be very stressful for several reasons. It can have a tremendous physical impact on your body especially when you factor in the size and weight of furniture throughout your home. Some items may be much heavier than what you would normally lift on a daily basis. It is never a good idea to risk physical damage that could potentially last by taking on more than your body can toll.

Time Consuming

Another big thing when considering moving on your own is your time. Moving is a very time-consuming process that can take weeks if you already have a busy schedule. Mindful Moving

offers packing services to make your move as easy as possible for you. Plus if you do have a

larger amount of belongings the packing and unpacking can become very tedious. Having professionals get the job done on a schedule will get the work done quickly and efficiently

without you having to take the extra time out of your day to accomplish everything.

Using a moving company can simply give you a peace of mind knowing you and your belongings are in good hands. Moving fast and efficiently by professionals will surely take away the stress of trying to fit that big dresser through those new weird angels in your new home!

Tips For Packing Valuables

If you decide to pack your belongings on your own there are a few things we recommend you

should know:

- Use correct tools

- Correct size boxes, bubble wrap, and always use packing tape.

- Label your boxes!

- This helps you and the movers to be more aware of what they are moving or

carrying and they can be more careful with those items.

- Always plan ahead

- This ensures you are fully ready and nothing gets left behind come moving day!

- Refrain from using towels!!

- Towels may seem like good protection for items but they can not be taped

securely and easily can move on their own.

Create a Packing List

HIGHLY recommended to sit down in each room and go through everything, write it all down!

This will help you be completely sure everything you want and need makes it to the next destination. Having a packing list will keep you organized and will more than likely relieve some

stress of having to make sure you have everything. You can group items by room to make it as easy as possible for you to know where everything goes. If you need to make a second list for items you no longer need.

Moving Day Necessities

When the day finally comes a lot of the time people lose focus on themselves, make sure to start the day with a good meal and plenty of sleep from the night before. If you need to,

schedule yourself some mid-day breaks; we all need a break sometimes! Children and pets can be a hassle on moving day so make sure you have a plan for them as well.

Moving with Pets

So unfortunately as many times as you tell your pets that you are moving they still don’t know. It is best not to change a pet's diet any time surrounding the move. If your pet is not accustomed to being in a vehicle, try and introduce them to yours and warm them up to it. For some, it may be best to purchase a crate to ensure they are not a physical distraction to the driver. If your pet has a history of anxiety it may be best to speak with your Veterinarian first, medication may be necessary for the pet(s).

Saying Goodbye

A lot of the time it is hard to say goodbye to a home you have spent so many memories in.

Taking photos and videos are really valuable in this circumstance! Be sure to say goodbye to

each room. Leaving something behind is a goodbye to make your mark on the house or even do the opposite and take a piece of your old home with you! But remember not to dwell on the move! Relocation Depression is a common thing many people go through when moving! A chapter of your life will be coming to an end and that can make some excited while others are scared. Try to take in all the positivity of the move even if the move was forced, you never really know what good can come from it. If you decide to use Mindful Moving it will clear up plenty of time for you to say your final goodbyes. While you focus on your goodbyes we will focus on your move!

Hiring a Mover

When moving on your own, who knows the number of trips you will take to get your items from one place to the next. That would be greatly reduced when using Mindful Moving. Mindful Movers has full value insurance to protect all your items so you will truly never have to worry! We offer the best prices guaranteed and even have a senior discount. If you are moving into a retirement community we offer a special move price.

Contact Us : 772-249-9820

Mindful Moving offers an assortment of moves from short or long-distance to commercial and

office moves! With that being said, moving is definitely a time where you can decide which items an make the cut or will be left behind. Any old furniture that you no longer want or need Mindful Moving offers Junk Removal, where most moving companies do not offer this.

After reading this far if you have decided to let a fast and reliable company work for you Mindful Moving is definitely the best choice. Mindful Moving will have the lowest cost and get the job done in the safest way for your personal belongings!

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